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Smart profiler HUD


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The builtin webrender profiler HUD is too large to display at all times. The compact profiler is useful but it doesn't always have the relevant information.

I would like to have a profiler that only shows information when the value is higher than a certain value. For example only show the number of draw calls if it is greater than 80, only show the number of alpha targets if it is greater than 2, etc.
If a field is displayed, keep it for a second to avoid blinking.

Pushed by
Add a smart profiler HUD. r=jrmuizel
Define some expected ranges for webrender's smart profiler. r=gw

When we are not scrolling or animating it can be normal for there to be a long pause between frames, in which case highlighting the FPS counter in the profiler is distracting.

Depends on D49619

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Add an expected range in ResourceProfileCounter. r=gw
Include some ResourceProfileCounters in the smart profiler. r=gw
Highlight values in red in the full and compact profilers when values are outside their expected range. r=gw
Don't set an expected range for the FPS counter. r=gw
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Adjust expected gpu cache blocks constants. r=kvark
Closed: 3 months ago
Keywords: leave-open
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