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Extension block request: IDM Integration Module


(Toolkit :: Blocklist Policy Requests, task)

Not set





(Reporter: TheOne, Assigned: TheOne)


(Whiteboard: [extension])

Extension name IDM Integration Module
Extension versions affected 0 - 6.35.5
Platforms affected <all platforms>
Block severity hard


Some versions of this add-on violate Mozilla's add-on policies by using unreviewable source code. Please update to a newer version.

Extension GUIDs

The block has been pushed.

Group: blocklist-requests
Closed: 5 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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So all pc users got affected cause of an android user ?

(In reply to Andreas Wagner [:TheOne] [use NI] from comment #1)

The block has been pushed.

Like can you undo said block or atleast give us an option to enable once again cause you taking it away from us just seems rather dumb

This is really not useful, blocking some extension without giving the user choices what to do is counterproductive. I'm really thinking to switch my primary browser because of it. Too bad :(

Thank you everyone for the comments and inquiries you have made here, I understand this is an issue that brings up a lot of questions. At the same time, this is a bug tracker meant mostly for technical discussion around the actions taken. Note also we generally don't discuss the methodologies or details about the block.

Therefore, I am restricting comments to this bug. The path forward is to update the add-on to the latest version, which is not blocked.

If you have further questions, please post them to our discussion forums: .

Thank you for your understanding.

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