Open Bug 1585893 Opened 13 days ago Updated 8 days ago

Investigate to use IDCompositionSurface instead of SwapChain with DirectComposition


(Core :: Graphics: WebRender, enhancement, P3)





(Reporter: sotaro, Unassigned)


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For now, one triple buffered swap chain is used with DirectComposition. But if multiple overlays are used, it might be better to use IDCompositionSurface instead of SwapChain. For example, display timing might not be synchronized between SwapChains. We might get more performance. It seems that we could reduce memory usage. Though we do not know yet about the actual necessity.

Chromium uses IDCompositionSurface when DC layers usage is enabled.

Priority: -- → P3

With Attachment 9098454 [details], when DCompositionSurface was used, rendering was slide down a bit. Origin of y seems different :(

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