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The overflow menu arrow is overlaping the popup in customize mode


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Firefox 71
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(Reporter: itiel_yn8, Assigned: ntim)




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This is a regression from bug 1582530 (more spefically, the Fix remaining cases that were relying on blockification patch)

See attached.

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(In reply to Itiel from comment #0)

more spefically, the Fix remaining cases that were relying on blockification patch

This doesn't really make sense to me; it doesn't look like that change touched the arrow in any way so I don't see how it'd affect this...

Anyway, :ntim/:dao/:dholbert, thoughts?

Component: Layout → Toolbars and Customization
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Priority: -- → P1
Product: Core → Firefox

This was likely a regression from the other patch in that push, which flipped a pref to make it so some XUL elements that were implicitly getting forced to display:block will no longer have their display changed like that (so now they remain display:-moz-box).

If I flip layout.css.xul-box-display-values.survive-blockification.enabled = false and then enter customize mode, then I get EXPECTED RESULTS. (No need to restart Firefox even).

So this was definitely a regression from that pref-flip, and we likely just need to add an explicit display:block for some element here.

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looks like the rule for...

#customization-panelWrapper > .panel-arrowbox {

...needs display:block, because that element's parent #customization-panelWrapper is display:flex, and flex containers blockify their children. (And until now, that has meant that it forced its child to display:block, but now it leaves it at display:-moz-box instead, which has a subtly different layout in this case, hence this bug report.)

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Fix overflow menu arrow appearance in customize mode. r=Gijs
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 71
Assignee: nobody → ntim.bugs
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Hello! Reproduced the issue with Firefox 71.0a1 (20191007215350) on Windows 10x64.
The issue is verified fixed with Firefox 71.0b9 (20191111170815) on Windows 10x64, Ubuntu 18.04 and macOS 10.12.

Flags: qe-verify+
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