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Crash in [@ mozilla::AudioCallbackDriver::PanOutputIfNeeded]


(Core :: DOM: Device Interfaces, defect)

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Tracking Status
firefox-esr68 --- unaffected
firefox70 --- unaffected
firefox71 --- unaffected
firefox72 --- fixed


(Reporter: jseward, Assigned: chunmin)


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Crash Data


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This bug is for crash report bp-f521bff5-edfd-4b15-91cb-a0b5b0191018.

This crash appears in two different instances of the OSX build of 20191017215425.
Possibly it dereferences |out->output_name| without checking it is null?

Top 10 frames of crashing thread:

0  @0x7fff68f263f0 
1 XUL mozilla::AudioCallbackDriver::PanOutputIfNeeded dom/media/GraphDriver.cpp:1026
2 XUL mozilla::detail::RunnableFunction<mozilla::AudioCallbackDriver::DeviceChangedCallback xpcom/threads/nsThreadUtils.h:564
3 XUL nsThreadPool::Run xpcom/threads/nsThreadPool.cpp:256
4 XUL non-virtual thunk to nsThreadPool::Run xpcom/threads/nsThreadPool.cpp
5 XUL nsThread::ProcessNextEvent xpcom/threads/nsThread.cpp:1225
6 XUL NS_ProcessNextEvent xpcom/threads/nsThreadUtils.cpp:486
7 XUL mozilla::ipc::MessagePumpForNonMainThreads::Run ipc/glue/MessagePump.cpp:333
8 XUL nsThread::ThreadFunc xpcom/threads/nsThread.cpp:458
9 libnss3.dylib _pt_root nsprpub/pr/src/pthreads/ptthread.c:201

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This is best fixed by mandating valid strings here in cubeb.

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A few crashes showing up in the 11/11 nightly - adding 72 as affected.

Chunmin, do you have time to do this? Should I do it?

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Yeah, I could do this.

I think the first thing to decide if we allow cubeb_stream_get_current_device to return a device with NULL output_name or input_name. The AudioUnit Rust backend will return a NULL for output_name when failing getting the current device name. The PulseAudio C and Rust backend does the same thing as well. While the Jack backend will always return a null-terminated(\0) string. If cubeb_stream_get_current_device is disallowed to return a NULL string, we should update document and add a test for that.

Assignee: nobody → cchang
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Pick commits:
0920240 - Always return null-terminated strings from current_device (#25)

Attachment #9108244 - Attachment description: Bug 1589931 - Only check non-null current output device. r?padenot → Bug 1589931 - P1: Only check non-null current output device. r=padenot
Pushed by
P1: Only check non-null current output device. r=padenot
P2: Update cubeb-audiounit-rs to 0920240. r=padenot
Closed: 2 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla72
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