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Handling differences in prefs between browsertime and raptor-browsertime


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This bug is to discuss what we should do in terms of handling pref settings across browsertime, and raptor-browsertime. There are three pref setting options: (i) browsertime, (ii) perf-profile (raptor-browsertime settings), or (iii) browsertime+perf-profile.

One option, as :acreskey suggested, is the following:

One way to allow the 3 sets of prefs (browsertime, perf profile, browsertime+perf profile) to work consistenly:
We could add a flag to browsertime to ignore the default firefoxPreferences.js
Denis has already done something similar to provide an easy way to disable safebrowsing:
Similarly, we could skip the default pref injection here with an option flag:
Priority: -- → P2

As Florin pointed out, the browsertime runs also have additional prefs injected.

Through browsertime

And also these:

These look to have at least a small impact on raptor-tp6-wikipedia-firefox-cold , windows10-64-shippable

I'll add the above to a raptor push to see if they are impactful.

This is the impact of adding the marionette prefs to raptor:

The only change marked as significant by perfherder is a 2% improvement on raptor-tp6-bing-firefox-cold on OSX.
In my opinion, I think we can live with that.

First part of this work is will be done in bug 1620271.

Depends on: 1620271

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Severity: normal → S3
Priority: P2 → P3
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