Open Bug 1592776 Opened 4 months ago Updated 1 month ago

Fix dom/notification/test/mochitest/test_notification_tag.html for fission


(Toolkit :: Notifications and Alerts, task, P2)




Fission Milestone M4.1


(Reporter: ddurst, Unassigned, Mentored)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


Currently dom/notification/test/mochitest/test_notification_tag.html fails on opt and debug.

Tentatively moving all bugs whose summaries mention "Fission" (or other Fission-related keywords) but are not assigned to a Fission Milestone to the "?" triage milestone.

This will generate a lot of bugmail, so you can filter your bugmail for the following UUID and delete them en masse:


Fission Milestone: --- → ?
Fission Milestone: ? → M4.1

Matt, this bug is a blocker for Fission's current milestone (M4.1 aka "fix all the mochitests"), but it's currently unassigned. The Fission team is hoping teams will fix their mochitests for Fission before the end of Q1 (75 or 76 Nightly).

Will your team be able to prioritize this bug for Q1? If you don't think this mochitest failure should block shipping Fission, just let me know.

If you have questions for Fission engineers, you can reach them in the #fission channel on Slack or Riot.

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