Open Bug 1592967 Opened 3 months ago Updated 28 days ago

Reloading out of process iframe resets zoom level


(Core :: DOM: Navigation, defect, P2)




Fission Milestone M6


(Reporter: enndeakin, Unassigned, NeedInfo)


(Blocks 2 open bugs)


  1. Enable fission (fission.autostart preference)
  2. Open data:text/html,<html><body>Outer Text<iframe src=''></iframe></body></html>
  3. Zoom the page.
  4. Reload the page.

Expected: The page is reloaded at the adjusted zoom level.
Actual: The outer page is correct, but the content of the iframe is reset to zoom level 1.

This occurs in both full and text zoom modes.

I suspect that this is because nsDocumentViewer::CallChildren iterates over docshells so doesn't assign the right zoom level to each subframe.

Fission Milestone: --- → ?
Flags: needinfo?(matt.woodrow)
Priority: -- → P2

How does it work when we set the zoom initially? Do you know why we're taking a different path for setting the zoom, vs restoring it on a reload?

Flags: needinfo?(matt.woodrow) → needinfo?(enndeakin)
Fission Milestone: ? → M5

M6 because zooming doesn't block dogfooding.

Fission Milestone: M5 → M6
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