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Persist "inRDMPane" attribute set on the document while in RDM mode


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When RDM is open and the user either refreshes or performs a "OnLocationChange" event, attributes on the document (such as the inRDMPane) need to persist.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Make sure devtools.responsive.browserUI.enabled
  2. Open RDM, and select the iPad from the devices list.
  3. Check screen.height in the DevTools console. You should see a value of 1022 (which is supposed to be 1024, but that's another issue)
  4. Refresh the page and check the value screen.height again.

The value should still be 1022

The value is the actual height of the physical device.

Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: fission-rdm-mvp

For context, RDM is currently persisting these attributes by overriding the WebProgressListener in its frame content script.

Since we're removing the use of the <iframe mozbrowser> as part of the DevTools fission effort, this also means we will removing its injected content frame script. So we need to find another way to persist the document attributes RDM manipulates when refreshed or navigated. In particular, RDM is using these WebIDL Document extensions to set inRDMPane and screen.orientation:

After discussing this issue with the Fission team, we need to be setting the inRDMPane attribute on the BrowsingContext and not the Document if we need it to persist. I can delve into this more.

Assignee: nobody → mtigley
Priority: P2 → P1
Summary: Persist attributes set on the document while in RDM mode → Persist "inRDMPane" attribute set on the document while in RDM mode
See Also: → 1595800
Pushed by
Part 1: Add inRDMPane property to BrowsingContext and expose it to JS. r=smaug
Part 2: Get inRDMPane value from BrowsingContext instead of Document. r=smaug
Part 3: Remove inRDMPane attribute from Document. r=bradwerth,smaug
Part 4: Update RDM to set inRDMPane property on the BrowsingContext. r=bradwerth
Regressions: 1597612
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