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GeckoInputStream read() method not throwing IOException


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(firefox71 affected, firefox72 fixed)

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firefox71 --- affected
firefox72 --- fixed


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This bug was originally reported in A-C's GitHub issue tracker:

And was found while investigating a Fenix download issue:

The A-C reporter says:

I narrowed the problem down to the copyInChunks() method from AbstractFetchDownloadService. Here, I tested with Fenix, Reference Browser and samples-browser from a-c. From my tests I observed that samples-browser, which uses the okio source as an inputStream, returns the appropriate IOException when WiFi connection is interrupted mid-download, while Fenix and Reference Browser, which both use the GeckoInputStream instead, return -1 (which is considered as EOF, so a success response).

As per java documentation, an input stream implementation should throw an IOException "if the first byte cannot be read for any reason other than the end of the file", so this behaviour should be fixed in GeckoInputStream.

Blocks: 1594734

Sawyer says fixing this reproducible crash (related to bug 1594734) is a high priority, so I'm tentatively assigning this bug to GV's November sprint.

Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: [geckoview:m1911]

EOF does not mean success, it just means there's no more data. For an HTTP[S] response, you have to do more work to determine if the download is complete by checking against the Content-length header or sometimes verifying checksums. You have to do that work whether GeckoInputStream throws IOException or not.

Closed: 29 days ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

I've reconsidered after talking it over with Sawyer. There is some value in doing what we can here, and plenty of evidence in Gecko that using the OnStopRequest() status is helpful.

Resolution: WONTFIX → ---

Let's make sure this fix gets into GeckoBeta so we can ship it in our next Fenix release (don't want to wait for 72).

Snorp, are you able to help me understand what this OnStopRequest() would do? Would this be a callback on the session? Would it only be called in failure cases?

I'm worried this solution would not help us inside of AbstractFetchDownloadService (

Is it possible for you to throw an IOException similar to okio? This is what I would expect from a file stream that suddenly closes.

Flags: needinfo?(snorp)

James says he's working on this in November, but Fenix is not blocked by this bug.

Assignee: nobody → snorp
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Propagate Gecko channel errors to GeckoInputStream r=geckoview-reviewers,esawin
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Propagate Gecko channel errors to GeckoInputStream r=geckoview-reviewers,esawin
Closed: 29 days ago10 days ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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