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Reduce the number of raptor/browsertime android jobs being run in production


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As noted by :jmaher here:

We should reduce the number of raptor/browsertime android jobs running in production. Let's just run on PGO only. Also we currently have some new tier3 raptor-browsertime android jobs running on central and integration branches, to prove out browsertime android. Let's reduce this to one single test job (tp6m-1 cold page-load) running on central on one device (gve) with pgo only.

Not sure why the btime android jobs are running on Fenix and Refbrow on central - the browsertime-mobile.yml it has those set for try:

        fenix: []
        geckoview: ["mozilla-central", "try"]
        refbrow: []

There must be a bug in the transform maybe? Having to do with building the jobs out for:

apps: ["fenix", "geckoview", "refbrow"]

We need that 'apps' setting though as we need to be able to run on try. For now my patch in Comment 1 will reduce the btime android to one job (tp6m-1 cold page load) on central only, and will reduce all the raptor GVE jobs to run on 'pgo' builds only. We could land that first and then fix this issue in the transform causing the btime jobs to run on fenix and refbrow even though they shouldn't.

On second thought, I updated the patch to remove running the browsertime android jobs on refbrow and fenix completely for now - as they're failing on Fenix anyway. Then we can fix the transform and at the same time re-enable them (to run on try only).

I filed Bug 1596612 for the issue where the refbrow and fenix jobs are running on the branches but should only be running on try.

Basic try push for tp6m-1 geckoview raptor and browsertime, I cancelled the jobs after they were scheduled so not to add to the bitbar queue:

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Reduce the number of raptor/browsertime android jobs being run in production r=jmaher
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