Open Bug 1596996 Opened 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

Reload Tabs: don't reload all tabs for the same site at the same time


(Firefox :: Tabbed Browser, enhancement, P3)

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(Reporter: pabs3, Unassigned)


When I have many tabs open to and I select all those tabs and choose "Reload Tabs", Firefox sends reload requests for all the tabs at almost the same instant with very little delay between the reloads. As a result on some tabs I get a 503 error and a page that says "Sorry, we're not able to serve your requests this quickly" while on other tabs the page loads correctly. On other sites like Skyscanner, reloads like this trigger their robot detection and result in captchas on each page.

I suggest that Firefox should sort the tabs to be reloaded into per-domain groups and for each groups spawn a thread that reloads each of the tabs for that site one at a time with a delay (configurable, defaulting to 0.3 seconds) between the reloads to avoid overloading websites or triggering their robot/DoS countermeasures.

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