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Add a way to enable conditional features in test262 shell tests


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I'd like to turn on the shell test262 tests for FinalizationGroups on infra, but currently they require passing a command line option to enable them ('--enable-weak-ref').

The way this works for jit-tests is that we can use the |jit-test| header line in the test to pass the option and enable the feature. It would be great if there was a way to do this for jstests too but right now that doesn't seem to be the case.

There is a list of unsupported and conditionally supported features in tests/ The idea of this bug is to add a way to pass extra shell flags for certain features.

This is just for shell tests. For browser tests, configurable features are handled through tests/user.js which has a list of prefs to enable.

The patch adds a new reftest option that can be set in the |reftest| header to pass shell command line options. Annoyingly, the character sequence '--' is interpreted as the start of a comment so this must be stripped and re-added. The test262 update script now has a information about which shell options are need for each feature so the header option can be generated.

Jan do you think this is reasonable?

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Add a way to enable conditional features in test262 shell tests r=jandem
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