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Extension Block Request: New Tab Add-on's Collecting Data


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(Reporter: aliceg-85, Assigned: TheOne)



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Extension name New Tab Add-on's Collecting Data
Extension versions affected <all versions>
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Block severity hard


These extensions are collecting all kinds of data and storing them in the extension storage. There is at no time a way of opting out/in for this data collection.
The extensions are using a content to pull in this information. The New Tab page is posting a message and based on the response sends a message to the background page with a whole lot of data. You can see the data in the extensions local storage. Cookies are also being used in these extensions. You are able to see all the data by looking in the add-on's local storage.

content.js file:
function syncFromHostedListener(){
chrome.runtime.sendMessage({task: "sync", storage: JSON.stringify(localStorage)});

background.js file:
case "sync":
if ( {
var webPageData = JSON.parse(;
for (var key in webPageData) {
if (webPageData.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
setPersistStorage(key, webPageData[key]);
} else {
return true;

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Additional Information

Assignee: nobody → awagner
Ever confirmed: true

This add-on violates Mozilla's add-on policies by collecting ancillary data and/or by overriding search behavior without user consent or control.

The block has been pushed.

Group: blocklist-requests
Closed: 3 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Full list of blocked add-ons


We are working quickly to update our add-on to resolve the policy issues that you’ve pointed out. I want to assure you that our intent has always been to operate with good faith, within the policies and we are committed to doing so going forward.

Although we now understand that we were mistaken, our understanding at the time was that we were within the policy guidelines. Since we seem to have misunderstood that, we kindly ask for your guidance and feedback to ensure that we are in compliance going forward.

We’ve followed up with more details to In addition, we have an updated add-on ready that we believe resolves the policies issues point out. We would like to submit that add-on for review.

Can you please review and give us feedback on the best way to proceed?

Flags: needinfo?(awagner)

This is not the right place to discuss blocklisting appeals and we have already replied to you on amo-admins. Please see the updated thread there. Thank you.

Flags: needinfo?(awagner)

Sorry for the confusion. We didn't see the email reply when we posted this. We will respond back privately via email.

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