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Pause the debugger while the browser is focused


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This is a use case reported by a Web developer in South Korea.

The question I asked of you was how to pause debugger while focusing on web browser not devtool itself.
For now, I have to focus devtool window to pause debugger,
However on Chrome, I can pause debugger to press F8 button even if the browser is focused.

The scenario is

  1. Open the debugger devtools
  2. Go to a webpage, and interact with the content
  3. Hit a key for setting a pause of the debugger at this moment

The debugger is paused on the current code being executed

not possible at all.
You need to switch back to the debugger to hit pause, and then come back to the browser window. But this means, you will likely not be in the right context when it is finally pausing (think hover interactions for example.)

On Chrome, this feature is available through F8.

Thanks for the report Karl!
I can reproduce the issue on my machine.

Detailed STR I am using:

  1. Open DevTools select the Debugger panel
  2. Load
  3. Click anywhere within the page to make sure the focus is in the page
  4. Press F8 -> now the Pause button in Debugger Sidebar toolbar should gray out to indicate that the Debugger is waiting for next execution, but it isn't ->? BUG
  5. Clicking on the POST button in the page should pause JS execution and navigate the user to the source where postRequest() is called. This isn't happening since step #3 failed

ER: Debugger should handle pressing F8 event even if the page is focused.


Has STR: --- → yes
Priority: -- → P3
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