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Showing network errors is extremely slow (6+s of parent process jank)


(DevTools :: Netmonitor, defect, P3)



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Someone just told me he can't use Firefox for webdevelopment because devtools are slow. He captured this profile for me:

Most of the time is in resource://devtools/client/shared/components/tree/TreeView.js

Thanks for the report Florian!

Priority: -- → P3

Quickly tested with the HAR in attachment here.

  • open netmonitor
  • import har
  • select error request in the list
  • select "Response" side panel

In Firefox 71, this is almost instant on my machine, while on current Release (FF70), it can take up to 2 seconds and even beach ball. So it seems we have somehow fixed part of this issue recently, but it would be nice to know why/how.

In both versions, the response tab shows only "Preview" and "Payload" sections.

Severity: normal → S3
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