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Extension block request: Mendeley Importer


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Extension name Mendeley Importer
Extension versions affected <all versions>
Platforms affected <all platforms>
Block severity hard


The add-on does not comply with Mozilla's requests to provide reviewable source code and is suspected to violate Mozilla's add-on policies by collecting data without disclosure or consent.

Extension GUIDs


The block has been pushed.

Group: blocklist-requests
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Is there a timeline for when the block will be resolved, or a workaround to use the Web Importer in the meantime? Using the Web Importer is critical part of my workflow for writing papers.

I also use this plugin regularly. It has been pushed and marked as closed. When will this be resolved? If it will not be resolved in a timely manner I would like to find a way to locally authorize it.

We have had trouble getting a response from the author of the add-on. If you could contact them asking to get in touch with us, that would certainly speed up the process. Thank you!

If you must remove this extension PLEASE provide a way for the thousands of researchers and college students who depend on this as part of their workflow to manually add it back. Especially this close to the end of the semester for many students, this is a huge inconvenience for what constitutes a relatively minor infraction of Mozilla's policy. Unbelievable.

The block has been reverted while we work with the developer on providing the information we need in order to review and assess the safety of the add-on.

Also, please be aware that this is not a discussion forum and not the right place to discuss blocks. You can find out discussion forum at

The block has been reinstated because the developer did not provide the requested information even after an additional grace period past the agreed timeline.

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