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Add UI for modifying resistFingerprinting prefs when privacy.resistFingerprinting is enabled


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Tor Browser issue

We'd like to allow users to enable or disable letterboxing without having to navigate about:config. Arthur suggested adding UI to about:preferences that is hidden when the base privacy.resistFingerprinting pref is disabled so that the option does not appear by default.

Attached file Bug 1601040 (obsolete) —

Adds UI to about:preferences#privacy to toggle letterboxing, but only if privacy.resistFingerprinting is enabled.

Patch originally written against ESR68, but gecko-dev/master crashes on boot ( I seem to be hitting ) but hopefully this patch works.

Assignee: nobody → richard
Whiteboard: [tor 32325]
Whiteboard: [tor 32325] → [tor 32325][fingerprinting]

ignore this sorry

Attached file Bug 1601040: initial patch (obsolete) —
  • put the preference XML in an inner groupbox and hide/unhide
    that rather than using custom css
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Hi bmikel,

We need to update the proposed copy for this feature.

We would like to expose an option in about:preferences#privacy to enable/disable the letterboxing resist-fingerprinting feature. This will be enabled by default in Tor Browser and we would like to discourage users from disabling it. The option will be not be visible or enabled in vanilla Firefox.

The Tor Browser ticket with some background info can be found here:

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Attachment #9113981 - Attachment description: Bug 1601040: Changed patch on initial feedback → Bug 1601040 - Add UI to about:preferences for enabling letterboxing when privacy.resistFingerprinting pref is enabled

bmikel: just pinging you on this.

Discussed with Arthur. I am clearing the need info for myself, as it sounds like some conversation needs to happen about the correct approach.

Flags: needinfo?(bmikel) → needinfo?(arthur)

I think LBing should first be made dependent on RFP=true. For TB this is not a problem, as RFP is enforced. but this is not the case for Firefox. And by that, I don't mean the UI option being displayed, I mean the LBing functionality itself.

example: FF user:

  • turns on RFP (someone recommended it)
  • goes to the UI option and enables LB (because it's there)
  • at some stage gets annoyed by RFP's timezone, so he disables RFP (someone on reddit told him to do it)
  • now he's stuck with LBing and no UI (he has no idea what the pref is)

It doesn't even make sense to have LBing but not RFP, and could actually be quite telling (FPing likes stability)

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