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Cleanup Abstract Scope


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firefox74 --- fixed


(Reporter: mgaudet, Assigned: sanchit.arora.2002, Mentored)



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After addressing some review comments for AbstractScope, I introduced some tidy-able issues with it that were caught by reviewbot

  • Use = default to define a trivial default constructor for AbstractScope
  • Function js::LexicalScope::nextFrameSlot has a definition with different parameter names, so the parameter names should me made the same.
Priority: -- → P2

hello Sir,
I'm new to open soure so can you tell me how can I pull the code of this issue?


I am setting up my dev environment and am going to poach this bug unless I hear from someone. Really looking forward to getting the workflow down and sinking my teeth in.

Michael I would like to give it a try, I have contributed to Mozilla in past year and will work on it. Let me know what channel of irc you are available for clearing some doubts.

shivambalikondwar, if you want this one, that is fine with me. But, if I don't see a patch in the next few days, I'm going to submit one. Thanks.

@micheal I am am working on this, if you complete it then yes i won't mind. Sorry for the delayed response.

hello , i am new to open source coding. The above link is not working as to how i can do a pull request for the code. can someone help me.

sjdhanvij1998, Firefox code is hosted in one location, and other tools are used for code reviews. I have found these two resources to be the best. It took me most of an afternoon to get everything setup and submit my first (really trivial patch).

Good luck and welcome!

Can I work on this bug if it's still available?

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Definitely, a patch is welcome: Note that only the mismatched parameter names still appear in the code.

Flags: needinfo?(mgaudet)
Assignee: nobody → sanchit.arora.2002
Attachment #9121749 - Attachment description: Bug 1602048 - Changed parameter name of js::LexicalScope::nextFrameSlot. r=tcampbell → Bug 1602048 - Change parameter name of js::LexicalScope::nextFrameSlot. r=tcampbell
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Change parameter name of js::LexicalScope::nextFrameSlot. r=tcampbell
Closed: 1 year ago
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