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Provide an easy way to snap a PiP window back to a corner after moving it elsewhere


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86 Branch


(Reporter: RyanVM, Assigned: rajendran.manish, Mentored)


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When using PiP mode, I often find myself having to temporarily drag the window out of the corner so I can see the content underneath it. Afterwards, it would be nice if I could quickly put the PiP window back in the corner without having to manually drag it to the edges. Maybe a button or auto-snapping when dragged within a certain proximity?

Priority: -- → P3

There's a debounced resize handler in player.js already. We should hopefully be able to do some kind of snapping from there.

Ideally, we should be able to check if the user is pressing a modifier key and disable the snapping in that case, but I'm not 100% sure if we have the web APIs to do that right now - if the window is focused, we should be getting keyup/keydown events, but I don't know that we can assume that they will stay up-to-date, and the resize events won't have direct ctrlKey event properties or similar, the way mouse events do - but when changing the window position, I expect we cannot guarantee we'll always get mouse drag events in the window.
So concretely, I suspect that unless we find a way of querying modifier state from within JS, we might need to leave control over the snapping via the modifier key for a follow-up bug.

Assignee: nobody → rajendran.manish
Mentor: gijskruitbosch+bugs, mconley

STR coordinate persistence bug :

  • run build and keep terminal in view to see log
  • start moving window back and forth with repetitive motions. Does not matter which directions.
  • eventually some of the windowX,Y (mouseDown window location) and mouseDownWindowX,Y should start showing as the same indication no change although the window has clearly been moved
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PictureInPicture corner snapping. r=Gijs,mconley
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Every single window in my system I can resize or move outside my desktop except PIP. And this is truly annoying, specifically on the movies like this: where I want to resize and position the PIP window outside my desktop in the way so the actual movie fills my whole screen. But the auto-snap kicks in and I cannot disable it. Please be so kind and implement a switch to make the snapping optional.

The snapping feature no longer works on Windows after firefox removed support for metaKey. Can someone please find a work-around for this?

(In reply to james.carroll from comment #8)

The snapping feature no longer works on Windows after firefox removed support for metaKey. Can someone please find a work-around for this?

Please file a separate bug instead of messing with this bug.

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