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[meta] Network.getAllCookies


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Network.getCookies was split into Network.getCookies, which returns the cookies for the current URL, and Network.getAllCookies, which returns all the cookies in storage, on 13th December of this year as part of 9349e8fc.

Keywords: meta
Whiteboard: [method=Network.getAllCookies]
Blocks: 1604723

Support for Network.getCookies will land on bug 1590098 soon. Lets see which code we can re-use.

Depends on: 1590098

(In reply to Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+1] from comment #1)

Note that this new behavior is only available in Canary builds of Chrome. A lot of users will still run an older version of Chrome matching the version of Puppeteer. So as long as there is no new version of Puppeteer out I wouldn't suggest to make that change specifically to Network.getCookies() which is basically backward incompatible.

We need to make a decision before we can do schema validation regarding which CDP version to target. I think I agree it makes sense to target the same CDP version used in Puppeteer.

Note the above discussion renders obsolete given that the before-mentioned feature got landed Dec 2016 and not 2019. So there is nothing which currently blocks us here implementing it.

There is basically Services.cookies.cookies which holds the list of all the stored cookies. I assume that's what we have to return here.

With the landed work on bug 1637619 nothing more should be needed for this bug.

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