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Crashtest's assertion count might be associated with a wrong test run


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When I was looking at bug 1607658, I notice that if gecko produces a lot of assertions, the assertion print might be buffered and being associated with the next test run.

Specifically, I was looking at two adjacent tests 1015844.html and 1032450.html. [1]

The first test 1015844.html has multi-column layout, so it can generated assertions like

ASSERTION: Available block-size should be constrained because it's restricted by the computed block-size when our reflow input is created in nsBlockFrame::ReflowBlockFrame()! [2]

However, the second test 1032450.html has no multi-column layout. There is no way that it can generated such assertions.

But in the attached partial log [3], many assertions are printed after the second test 1032450.html starts running. This doesn't seem to be reasonable to me.

[2] Copied from the original log in

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