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Provide self-service UI for users to reactivate their account after being disabled due to bouncing


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Implementation Notes:

  • Have a column on the profiles table that can share the bounce messages separate from the disabledtext.
  • Have a banner that lets them know that their bugmail has been disabled and how they can self service re-enable it.
  • Banner should be a little more annoying than regular announcement banner.
  • Have another column on the profiles table that counts how many bounces they’ve had
  • Once the counter on their account is too high update the banner or the place where they can re-enable their mail to let them know that they must email an admin. Probably just put the same disabled text there.
  • That’ll let us put the raw bounce message in their profiles table.
  • Show the raw bounce message to the user on their preferences page to help them debug.
  • If an admin re-enables an account then clear the counter (might be some new UI for admins to do this separate from the bugmail checkbox)
  • Possibly add a log to the profiles activity table when resetting their counter (just log when we clear it, not when it increase)
  • Possibly make every increment to the counter a profiles activity item.
  • We can use the profiles activity table instead.
  • Main goal is to let them login again rather than disabling their account.
  • Make sure not to disable admin accounts (actually might not be needed if we’re just disabling email delivery - test this out)
  • DB Plan:
    • Add counter column
    • Add bounce_message column (most recent bounce message)
    • Update profiles activity when these change

Script: bugzilla/apps/ Mojo route goes to it ( Guts in Main

Does P2 mean it is actively being worked on or P1? It is close to being ready so I leave that to you.

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