Open Bug 1613674 Opened 5 years ago Updated 2 years ago

[RDM Fission] Initializing RDM dispatches two document resize events


(DevTools :: Responsive Design Mode, defect, P3)



(Fission Milestone:Future)

Fission Milestone Future


(Reporter: mtigley, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


(Whiteboard: fission-rdm-reserve dt-fission-future)

When devtools.responsive.browserUI.enabled is true, the content window will dispatch to "resize" events during initialization. The first happens when the "responsive-mode" class is added to the ".browserContainer" then again when the viewport is resized to match the size of the simulated device.

RDM should only dispatch a single resize event when it's initialized.

doesn't need to block Fission unless the second resize event is causing problems.

Fission Milestone: --- → Future
Whiteboard: fission-rdm-reserve

Adding dt-fission whiteboard tag to DevTools bugs that mention Fission or block Fission meta bugs but don't already have a dt-fission whiteboard tag.

Whiteboard: fission-rdm-reserve → fission-rdm-reserve dt-fission
Whiteboard: fission-rdm-reserve dt-fission → fission-rdm-reserve dt-fission-future
Severity: normal → S3
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