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Drop shadows are rendered incorrectly if content is partially clipped


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firefox76 --- fixed


(Reporter: cbrewster, Assigned: nical)




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If the original content is clipped for some reason, the drop-shadow for it is not rendered correctly.

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:jbonisteel, could you have a look please?

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Blocks: wr-76
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Priority: -- → P3

Connor - do you think this is a regression? If so, can you find a regression window?

I don't believe this is a regression, I tested with WR from ~2 years ago and it has the same issue.

We probably need to do something along the lines of the todo here:

See Also: → 1623711
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Nical, do you have a feeling about how to fix this?

We probably need to do something along the lines of the todo here:

I think that Connor's suggestion makes sense. The reason this was left as a TODO and not just fixed along with whatever the comment came with probably is that there was some trickiness involved but I don't remember very well. I'll have a look when we are confident with the work blocking shipping more intel GPUs.

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Depends on D68230

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Take shadow offsets into account when clipping a primitive. r=gw
Closed: 4 years ago
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Regressions: 1626827
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