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Convert color-interpolation #defines to an enum class.


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So I replaced the original color-interpolation constants with a respective enum type. Starting from nStyleConsts.h, I tracked all necessary changes down to the other files. I also added the new type to ServoBindings.toml under rusty-enums and also added the necessary gecko_enum_prefix to . Now, seems to be regenerated properly by using the new enum type, however, still references the old constant, resulting in a failing build. My question now - what is necessary for that will be regenerated and make use of the new enum type? I already went through previous submissions, however, could not find any further hint on what to do.

I also already tried building with calling mach clobber before mach build, but that also does not help.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated!

(And below, on the color-interpolation-filters one).

But feel free to submit a WIP patch and I'm happy to take a look if that's not it :)

Oh snap! I actually went over that part, but apparently did not realize that I also have to add the prefix there; however, quite ironically, I managed to add it to color-interpolation-filters. Thanks a lot for that! The build now works, testing is under way and a patch will be submitted after that (given that the tests pass).

Awesome! Btw, for future reference, when you're blocked on something it's better to use the "Request information from" checkbox in Bugzilla.

That adds a persistent notification so it's less easy to miss than an email :)

I see, thanks for the tip!

I applied my changes, the code builds, but running tests (mach test /layout) results in a bunch of errors when running tests from layout/base - could they be related to my changes (currently trying to figure out possible dependencies in the code, but it's a pretty huge repo...). When running tests as mach test layout/style the only test that fails is layout/style/test/test_visited_reftests.html - but I see no relation to my changes...anyways, if there are, clearly I'll investigate it.

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I recommend to upload the patch and I can send it through automation for you. You shouldn't run all the tests yourself :)

Note that some of the failures reported by the visited reftests are expected "TEST-EXPECTED-FAIL" or such. Because of the timing dependency on :visited (visited queries are async). Probably you get the same output without your patch, but we can always double-check :)

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Apply emilio's comment.

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Convert color-interpolation #defines to an enum class. r=emilio
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