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Firefox does not load webpages from the new tab page since 74.0 update


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Tracking Status
firefox73 --- unaffected
firefox74 --- wontfix
firefox75 --- ?
firefox76 --- ?


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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:74.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/74.0

Steps to reproduce:

Open Firefox
Firefox updates to 74.0

Load homepage (Facebook)
Open new tab page, click any of the frequently visited websites on the new tab page.
visit said pages by typing in URL
repeat the process multiple time including opening and closing Firefox

Actual results:

Any link visited from the new tab page does not load. All of which load a blank page with the "loading animation" indefinitely.

Manually entering the URL works flawlessly

Expected results:

Firefox should begin loading webpages from the new tab page and should not show the loading animation with a blank page indefinitely.

hi, could you provide a copy of the content your about:support site? does the problem occur when you launch firefox in safemode as well?

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we're getting a number of reports with similar symptoms from users across platforms on sumo:

the thread at in particular indicates that there may be breakage in some storage systems. do you have any ideas on how to further diagnose or debug this problem?

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Jan, are you aware of any change for 74 that might explain this? I just checked that is still false after updating to 74.

Flags: needinfo?(jstutte) → needinfo?(jvarga) is still false in 74, so it shouldn't be related to LSNG
There was no QuotaManager storage upgrade that could cause new initialization failures.
The comment 0 mentions that "Manually entering the URL works flawlessly", if storage initialization is broken manual entering wouldn't help.

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I think about:newtab uses IndexedDB in some capacity. 74 shouldn't introduce new IDB breakage, but it may have changed how about:newtab handles IDB/QM storage being broken. (Specifically, leaving a Promise unresolved/unrejected in the error case.) Moving to the New Tab Page component.

Component: Untriaged → New Tab Page

If about:newtab still uses IndexedDB, it should use the persistent persistence type. Persistent storage (repository) has lower chance to be broken during storage initialization.

I noticed that the same thing happens with bookmarks. Both the new tab page and bookmarks seem to be off and on. Sometimes it goes through and other times not.

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See Also: → 1622566

Kate/Ed - can y'all take a look and advise? Thanks!

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I'm not sure if this is the right tool to diagnose potential IndexedDB issues, but it was helpful in bug 1471375.

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See Also: → 1471375

Does using the firefox-storage-test link from comment 9 show all green or some red? If red, what's the output / attach screenshot?

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See Also: → 1622762

Also seems related:

(There might be more) in sumo, but that one is an example of one that's not in the list in a previous comment, so there may be more information out there on sumo that'll help debug.

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(In reply to Ed Lee :Mardak from comment #10)

Does using the firefox-storage-test link from comment 9 show all green or some red? If red, what's the output / attach screenshot?

In question 1281856, 1281779, see screenshot

  1. Local Storage is Green
  2. QuotaManager, IndexedDB, CacheAPI are all RED

In question 1281905:

The firefox user, llasse wrote, "It does give an error with the Cache API in private mode, and just "Bad" (broken test logic) in the normal mode.."

All other questions tagged bug1621301 and

The firefox users in these questions did a Firefox Refresh and/or cleared the cache and cookies for the affected websites and the issue went a away after that.

My unscientific conclusion :-) since I am tired and am not a Firefox developer :-) is that it definitely looks a regression in QuotaManager, IndexDB, and/or CacheAPI

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All of which load a blank page with the "loading animation" indefinitely.

Hi Moltres Rider,

Can you describe this loading animation in more detail? Is it in the tab as a small circle that bounces back and forth, or is it a spinner in the middle of the content area, or something else altogether?

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Waiting for information from reporter.

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See Also: → 1604218

Hi Scott, can you please (let) set a priority for this? Thank you!

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Flags: needinfo?(sdowne)
Priority: -- → P2

Teh storage is still broken and I cannot see any content on facebook. Fun.

Storage is broken. You upgraded from 74 to 75.
Specific Subsystem Statuses:

Good: Totally Working. (fullyOperational)
Bad: Totally Broken. (fullyBroken)
Bad: Totally Broken. (fullyBroken)
Cache API
Bad: Totally Broken. (fullyBroken)

Debug Info:

storage.estimate() threw: Internal error while estimating storage usage
Failed to create "persistent" IDB.
Failed to create "transient" IDB.

"v": 1,
"curVersion": 75,
"prevVersion": 75,
"ls": {},
"qm": {
"lastWorkedIn": 0
"idb": {
"persistentCreatedIn": 0,
"persistentLastOpenedIn": 0,
"clearDetectedIn": 0
"cache": {
"firstCacheCreatedIn": 0,
"unpaddedOpaqueCreatedIn": 0,
"paddedOpaqueCreatedIn": 0

The bug has a release status flag that shows some version of Firefox is affected, thus it will be considered confirmed.

Ever confirmed: true
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