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Unknown protocol error should not be alerted by turning whole page into error page


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Steps to reproduce:

(On desktop or Android)
Visit some webs that both show the content and try to open that content in their own app by automatically navigating to uri like 'their-protocol://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'.

Actual results:

If the app is not installed so that protocol is not registered, the whole tab turns into an error page:
Problem loading page
The address wasn’t understood
[Try Again]

That makes user can't read the content neither on web or in app. The web is actually already showing the content, which firefox is blocking user to read.

Expected results:

Don't turn the whole page into error page. Alert unknown protocol error by dialog or something that won't override the tab, like other browsers do.

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Hello Gary,

Could you please provide more elaborate steps on this issue and also the websites/apps that you used and encountered the issue on?

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Marking this as Resolved > Incomplete due to the reporeter's lack of reply.

If the issue persists feel free to re-open this issue or file a new one with more detailed steps.

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Hi Andrei,
Sorry for late reply.

Many apps register their own protocol scheme. Apple has itms://, itms-app://, Telegram has tg:// etc.

As for browser behavior, we can try open this html file in Firefox and other browsers:

<html><head><script type="text/javascript">
}, 2000);
</script>  </head>
  If you are using Firefox, this web is usable for only 1 sec.<br> 
  If using other browsers, you will see a popup in 1 sec and this web is always usable.

After Firefox's error page override the page, I tried to click go back button, it went back and then soon the error page overrides the page again.
Everytime I have to switch to other browsers to view such webs.

Although it's bad for a web to navigate like that, but there are really some websites doing that (I can't remember them now. I'll post it here if some day I find them again).

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I was able to reproduce this only on release using your steps.
On Nightly and beta however it didn't redirect me to an error page. It just showed the message.

Setting a component for this enhancement in order to get the dev team involved.
If you feel it's an incorrect one please feel free to change it to a more appropriate one.

Component: Untriaged → File Handling

This was fixed in bug 1528305.

Closed: 8 months ago7 months ago
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Duplicate of bug: 1528305
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