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Simplify the implementation of HasAuthorSpecifiedRules.


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This patch computes the author-specified properties during the CSS cascade, and
removes the complex rule-tree-based implementation that tries to do the cascade

This changes behavior in two ways, one of them which is not observable to
content, I believe:

  • revert now re-enables the native styling. This was brought up in and I think it is a bug-fix.

    This is observable to content, and I'm adding a test for it.

  • We don't look at inherited styles from our ancestors when inherit is
    specified in a non-author stylesheet. This was introduced for bug 452969 but
    we don't seem to inherit background anymore for file controls or such. It
    seems back then file controls used to have a text-field.

    I audited forms.css and ua.css and we don't explicitly inherit
    padding / border / background-color into any nested form control.

We keep the distinction between border/background and padding, because the later
has some callers. I think we should try to align with Chromium in the long run
and remove the padding bit.

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Simplify the implementation of HasAuthorSpecifiedRules. r=heycam
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Simplify the implementation of HasAuthorSpecifiedRules. r=heycam
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