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New wpt failures from PR 22476: /css/css-flexbox/cross-axis-scrollbar.html


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The following tests have untriaged failures in the CI runs for wpt PR 22476:

Firefox-only failures

/css/css-flexbox/cross-axis-scrollbar.html: FAIL [Gecko-linux1804-64-asan-opt, Gecko-linux1804-64-debug, Gecko-linux1804-64-opt, Gecko-linux1804-64-qr-debug, Gecko-linux1804-64-qr-opt, Gecko-windows10-64-debug, Gecko-windows10-64-opt, Gecko-windows10-64-qr-debug, Gecko-windows10-64-qr-opt, Gecko-windows7-32-debug, Gecko-windows7-32-opt, GitHub], PASS [Gecko-android-em-7.0-x86_64-debug-geckoview, Gecko-android-em-7.0-x86_64-opt-geckoview]

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Live version of the test on

There are two things going wrong in this test:
(1) A bug in the test -- the test is mistakenly assuming that scrollbars are opaque (the same problem as bug 1613103). The testcase has scrollbars superimposed over a red background, whereas the reference case has scrollbars superimposed over a green background. If the scrollbar "track" is transparent, then this obviously creates a rendering difference (and violates

(2) the third and fourth chunks in the first row have some slight sizing/positioning differences. These ones both have writing-mode:vertical-rl, and it's possible their differences are real Firefox bugs. At least in the third chunk, it looks like we're over-estimating the intrinsic height of the flex container (and we're sliding flex items up/down according to their "align-self" preference as a result). This seems to be due to us including the height of a horizontal scroll track, even though no such track is present (the element has overflow-x:hidden).

Priority: -- → P3

We can address issue #1 using the same solution that we used in bug 1613103 -- using a neutral background color (e.g. tan) on the scrollable element, in both the testcase and the reference case -- and adjusting the descriptive prose accordingly.

Issue #2 probably requires some debugging to sort out what's going on. (It's a somewhat subtle difference, and I'd be surprised if it affected much real-world content, so I wouldn't suggest dropping everything to look into it right now.)

See Also: → 1613103
Summary: New wpt failures from PR 22476 → New wpt failures from PR 22476: /css/css-flexbox/cross-axis-scrollbar.html:
Summary: New wpt failures from PR 22476: /css/css-flexbox/cross-axis-scrollbar.html: → New wpt failures from PR 22476: /css/css-flexbox/cross-axis-scrollbar.html
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