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Disabled Touch Simulation is re-enabled when reopening RDM with a device profile selected


(DevTools :: Responsive Design Mode, defect, P3)



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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open in a new tab
  2. Open RDM
  3. In RDM, select a Phone preset, such as "iPhone 6/7/8"
  4. Click the "Disable touch simulation" button to disable touch simulation
  5. Close RDM
  6. Re-open RDM

Expected result:

In (6), touch simulation would stay disabled.

Actual result:

In (6), touch simulation is re-enabled.

I think it's working as intended, but I wonder if it can create UX issues.
It's definitely frustrating to me, but not forcing touch simulation might be more problematic?

It depends on what use case we want to prioritize:

  • "I disabled touch simulation, and I expect it to stay off until I choose to turn it on"
  • "I selected iPhone 6/7/8, of course I expect it to behave like an iPhone!"

I'm okay with a WONTFIX if we think the current behavior is the better trade-off.

Blocks: rdm-touch

Micah: I wonder if by disabling touch with a device selected it should change the selected item back to “Responsive”.

That could be a good option, I like it.

Priority: -- → P3

Because this bug's Severity has not been changed from the default since it was filed, and it's Priority is P3 (Backlog,) indicating it has been triaged, the bug's Severity is being updated to S3 (normal.)

Severity: normal → S3
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