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Investigate if our pref flipping code is doing what we want


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Following up from our conversation on Riot, it seems like the pref flipping code around WebRender may not always do what we want it do. Copying some of that convo here:

HasAcceleratedLayers doesn't check for WR for one, and two status is always non-zero (FEATURE_OK, FEATURE_BLOCKED_*, etc are all non-zero values)

Should that check for WR?

yup, but it should also check if the feature is allowed too. might be better ways to check as well, because even if the blocklist says it is okay, you still might not get the feature :)
I think it always passes right now though

So purpose of this task is to make sure we are doing what we intend to do.

Jeff, Andrew - can we determine what, if any, changes we should make here?

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Andrew can you put up a patch to fix the issue you saw?

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