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WebAssembly.{Module, Memory, Instance, ...} should be subclassable


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Steps to reproduce:

Paste this in DevTools (feel free to replace bytes with any other valid Wasm bytecode):

class M extends WebAssembly.Module {};
m = new M(new Uint8Array([0,97,115,109,1,0,0,0,1,133,128,128,128,0,1,96,0,1,127,3,130,128,128,128,0,1,0,4,132,128,128,128,0,1,112,0,0,5,131,128,128,128,0,1,0,1,6,129,128,128,128,0,0,7,145,128,128,128,0,2,6,109,101,109,111,114,121,2,0,4,109,97,105,110,0,0,10,138,128,128,128,0,1,132,128,128,128,0,0,65,42,11]));
m instanceof M

Actual results:

Expression evalutes to false (m is an instance of parent class WebAssembly.Module).

Expected results:

Expression evaluates to true (m is an instance of a subclass M).

See for upstream discussion in the spec (TL;DR - this should be already valid and works in JSC, but seems to be implemented incorrectly in V8 and SpiderMonkey).

Also note that while I used WebAssembly.Module in the example, same applies and should be fixed for all classes within the WebAssembly namespace (Instance, Memory, Global, etc.).

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Component: Untriaged → Javascript: WebAssembly
Product: Firefox → Core
Assignee: nobody → rhunt

Wasm JS-API objects should be subclassable, and the following should work:

class M extends WebAssembly.Module {};
m = new M(...)
m instanceof M // true

The current code will always set the prototype to the original Wasm prototype,
and not the derived prototype.

This commit was written by following the example of
ArrayBufferObject::class_constructor which handles this situation.

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Priority: -- → P3
Version: 76 Branch → Trunk

Resetting severity to default of --.

Would be useful to upstream the test case, as upstream tests don't test for this (or we would have found the problem).

Pushed by
Use correct prototype for Wasm JS-API objects when subclassed. r=jwalden

Depends on D70965

Attachment #9140644 - Attachment description: Bug 1629998 - Use correct prototype for Wasm JS-API objects when subclassed. r?lth → Bug 1629998 - Use correct prototype for Wasm JS-API objects when subclassed. r?jwalden
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Turns out that asm.js requires the ability to create WasmJS objects with null proto's so that it can be parsed off-main-thread. I had to do some more digging to understand the prototype/object creation code and I've slightly updated the patch to work correctly for all cases now. Also added a WPT.

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Use correct prototype for Wasm JS-API objects when subclassed. r=jwalden
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