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When autoplay is set to block audio and watching a twitch video, trying to unmute the video pauses the video vise versa


(Core :: Audio/Video: Playback, defect, P3)

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(Reporter: u661513, Assigned: alwu)





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Steps to reproduce:

I was watching an twitch recording on firefox with autoplay set to block audio.

Actual results:

When video starts it is mute then when I try to unmute it, video pauses

Expected results:

When I try to unmute it video shouldn't stop and when I play the video again it shouldn't be mute

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Component: Untriaged → Audio/Video: Playback
Product: Firefox → Core
Assignee: nobody → alwu
Priority: -- → P3

I'm able to reproduce this when I set media.autoplay.enabled.user-gestures-needed to false; if set to true (which is the default), unmuting does not pause the video.

Severity: normal → S3

¡Hola u661513, Jani!

Hope these lines find you well.

Are you still seeing this bug on the current version of Firefox available at ?

Please let us know.


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Hi Alex!

It does not appear to have been fully fixed by Firefox 88 for me at least, although the conditions have changed slightly, and the remaining broken behavior is now slightly different too.

First, to update my note above: media.autoplay.enabled.user-gestures-needed has been superseded by media.autoplay.blocking_policy, and setting the latter to 2 is now required to trigger the issue (as it manifests presently); with the setting at either 0 or 1 I haven't been able to reproduce any variation of the issue.

Now, the video doesn't get paused anymore, but the unmuting also does not work: clicking the muted indicator just always resets it back to muted, instead of actually unmuting.

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¡Hola Jani!

Thanks for checking and the update here!

I've update the bug flag for 88 based on your report.

Have you reported this to Twitch over at
If not, could you please do so in case this is an issue with the website?

As the steps have now changed slightly, could you please re-state the current:

  • steps to reproduce
  • actual behavior
  • expected behavior

as well as any other details that you believe are relevant to pin down this bug.


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Steps to reproduce

  1. Open about:config
  2. Search for autoplay in the settings
  3. Set media.autoplay.default to 1 ("Block Audio", which is the default)
  4. Set media.autoplay.blocking_policy to 2
  5. Open a Twitch VOD, for instance
  6. Try to unmute the video (either by clicking Twitch player's speaker control button, or by dragging the accompanying volume slider)

What I expect to happen

For the audio to be unmuted.

What happens instead

The audio remains muted, and the volume control/indicator remains in the muted position.

I'm unmotivated to report this to Twitch, as I'm unsure about the precise meaning of media.autoplay.blocking_policy, and I currently don't use the non-working value for it myself. Feel free to downprioritize this as you see fit, unless the original reporter is still affected. Here's my downstream report over at Launchpad though, just for reference. (I'll update it too.)

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Yes, I think this is Firefox's bug. I might have time to revisit this bug recently, sorry for the inconvenience.

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