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TypeError: can't access property "has", NO_PROMPT_PERMISSIONS is undefined Extension.jsm:690:12


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(firefox77 fixed)

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firefox77 --- fixed


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I don't have an STR yet to reproduce this consistently (it may be because I have been trying to reproduce it from a new Nightly profile, and maybe triggering it requires some additional initial conditions), but it seems that we are hitting this bug in recent 77.0a1 Nightly builds.

It has been reported to us that when the TypeError is being triggered (and logged in the Browser Console) the following two issues are being triggered as a side effect of the TypeError exception (but I have not been able to get to an STR yet):

See Also: → 1631137, 1622917

The issue has already been resolved by the patch for bug 1631137.
To avoid regressing on this, make it more obvious that
NO_PROMPT_PERMISSIONS depends on initialized schemas.

Assignee: nobody → rob
Attachment #9142337 - Attachment description: Bug 1632094 - Ensure that NO_PROMPT_PERMISSIONS → Bug 1632094 - Ensure that NO_PROMPT_PERMISSIONS awaits schema initialization

All, I can repro this one at will, I'm not touching the Firefox that can repro if this helps investigating, let me know.

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Please paste the Firefox version and build ID, see about:support.

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Version 77.0a1
Build ID 20200421222503

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Pushed by
Ensure that NO_PROMPT_PERMISSIONS awaits schema initialization r=mixedpuppy

(In reply to Paul Adenot (:padenot) from comment #4)

Version 77.0a1
Build ID 20200421222503

Thanks for checking. Bug 1631137 links to the following patch, which lists information about the affected releases:

first release with	nightly  ...  77.0a1 / 20200422093542
last release without	nightly  ...  77.0a1 / 20200421222503

It appears that you are on the last version to have this bug. Update Nightly and the issue will be fixed.

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Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla77
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