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5x slower than Chrome in Set.values() and Set.delete() when picking elements from a set of integers


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This testcase takes ~1500ms in Firefox and ~270ms in Chrome for me. Profile:

I ran into this while working on symbolication code in the profiler. I was picking and removing elements from a set one-by-one using set.values().next().value and set.delete(val), and a surprisingly large amount of time was spent in set.values(), about 2x of the time spent in set.delete(). Profile:

I then attempted to make a stand-alone testcase for the problem (see attachment), but in this testcase, delete takes up much more time than values so something must be different. Still, Chrome does a lot better on this testcase than Firefox.

Blocks: es6perf

Unfortunately, I don't think we can prioritize this currently.

For what it's worth, you can delete values from a set while iterating over it, and the behavior is well-defined across browsers.

Changing the function as shown below makes the test case run in 55ms in Firefox, a 27x improvement, and computes the same total. Of course, it depends on the use case...

function sumElements(s)
  let sum = 0;
  let iter = s.values();   // <--- new line added
  while (true) {
    const elem =;    // <--- line modified
    if (elem === undefined) {
    sum += elem;
  return sum;
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Oh, that's nice, thanks. (After I ran into the perf issue I also realized that I could vastly simplify the code by just advancing the iterator and not deleting any elements, because I didn't actually need any set membership tests once I got into the state of picking elements.)

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