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Create test archives for jsreftest and jittest


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Currently all of the jsreftest and jittest files are contained within the common tests archives.

The common tests archive contains approximately 375MB of data across 62k files.

jsreftest alone contains 188MB in 44k files
jittest contains 87MB in 15k files

We pay the cost of downloading and extracting all of these files on most of our test suites, since they all download the common test archive, and most of them don't extract a subset of the files from the archives.

I also noticed that some files for web-platform tests are duplicated between the common archive and the web-platform archive. e.g. testing/web-platform/tests/tools/wptserve and wpt_third_party.

We should split out the jsreftest and jittest files into their own test archives, and remove the duplicate wpt tools.

Assignee: nobody → catlee

Split out jsreftest and jittest files into their own packages, removing them
from the common package.

This speeds up extracting files from the common test archive for
non-jsreftest/jittest suites.

Also, remove some files from the web-platform test archive that are already
present in the common archive.

Thanks :catlee! We started talking about this in 1611894 but then that particular problem went away on its own.

See Also: → 1611894
Whiteboard: [ci-costs-2020:todo]

:catlee, great patch, let me know if you need help testing or reviewing this, I imagine this will be a huge win.

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Create test archives for jsreftest and jittest r=ahal
Closed: 3 months ago
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This improved download-and-extract times on average by this amount per worker type:

t-win7-32-gpu                 -271.93509930145
t-win7-32                     -226.7196882673268
gecko-t-win64-aarch64-laptop  -69.60187633499979
t-win10-64-gpu-s              -32.36924360062819
gecko-t-win10-64-ref-hw       -23.683039860699793
t-win10-64                    -21.739066498577913
gecko-t-osx-1014              -20.821812657222694
gecko-t-win10-64-hw           -19.79946379788017
gecko-t-osx-1014-staging      -19.146570328746677
gecko-t-osx-1014-power        -15.410287422714852
gecko-t-bitbar-gw-unit-p2     -13.957377857269247
gecko-t-bitbar-gw-perf-p2     -12.61643865012671
gecko-t-linux                 -11.437835640731691
t-linux-xlarge                -10.750972427258773
gecko-t-bitbar-gw-perf-g5     -10.219570862858887
t-linux-large                 -10.078663632993521
gecko-t-linux-talos           -5.386077451923681
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