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Update test262 blacklist for new RegExp features


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In bug 1634135 we are enabling the new regexp engine, which lets us support dotAll, lookbehind assertions, and unicode property escapes. We should also enable the tests.

I'm landing this separately and slightly after bug 1634135 to keep things easier in the (hopefully unlikely) event that we need to back that bug out.

The cross-realm tests don't work with --more-compartments enabled. Now that the dotAll version of this test is enabled, it has to be added to the list.

Unicode property escapes allow regexps to match based on Unicode properties. Some of the test262 tests are quite large and slow, especially in the arm64 simulator: on my local machine, tests that took 1.7 seconds in native builds timed out after 150 seconds when simulated. This patch turns them off for arm64-simulator builds.

(V8 has encountered similar issues:

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Part 1: Support new features in r=mgaudet
Part 2: Enable newly supported tests r=mgaudet
Part 3: Add dotAll/cross-realm.js to jstests.list r=mgaudet
Part 4: Disable slow tests in arm64 simulator r=mgaudet
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