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FxA WebChannel errors can contain personal info, such as profile directory path, that gets forwarded to sentry


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Firefox 79
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Poking around in the sentry errors logged by, I noticed a collection of errors with a message of the following form:

WebChannel error: Win error NN during operation rename on file FILE\PATH\signedInUser.json (specific error message in user's native locale)

Here are some examples of individual errors.

The FILE\PATH component of the message typically contains the user's windows account username, which might reasonably be considered PII, which I'm not sure we're comfortable sharing with a third-party service like sentry.

I think we should try to clean these up, both because of the personal information, and because having them in sentry as hundreds of slightly different error messages doesn't help us understand the prevalence of the underlying error. But it's not clear to me what code should be responsible for doing said cleanup. Should Firefox try to clean up error messages before returning them to via the webchannel? Should FxA try to clean them up before forwarding to sentry?

Adding a few folks who may have opinions on the matter.

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In the sync telemetry ping, we strip this stuff out like this: (the heavy lifting done by this regex, which admittely doesn't really need to be a regex so much as replacement).

The function that generates the error string in this case is here:

So I think we could profitably add this bit of cleaning up in that location.

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Redact details in WebChannel errors. r=rfkelly
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