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Add GlobalSign SMIME Roots to Mozilla root store


(NSS :: CA Certificate Root Program, task)


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(Reporter: julie.olson, Assigned: bwilson)


(Whiteboard: [ca-cps-review] - BW 2020-08-27 In review)

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GlobalSign is requesting the addition of two SMIME roots to be embedded in the Mozilla root store. These roots are for SMIME issuance only, with the intent of chaining our SMIME product line to these roots rather than using our standard TLS roots.

Type: enhancement → task
Whiteboard: [ca-initial]

I have begun filling in a CCADB case to track these two root certificates. We are still awaiting copies of our audit statements for the most recent audit cycle ending 3/31/2020.

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Hi Mozilla review team,

Please note I have added the WebTrust Audit details to the above CCADB case.

Please let me know what other details should be added to move this request along in queue.


Performed initial case review. Asking about official corporate name. Also, next step is to review email verification practices.

Assignee: kwilson → bwilson
Whiteboard: [ca-initial] → [ca-verifying] BW 2020-08-11

Globalsign needs to complete the PKI Hierarchy section for each Root Case.

Flags: needinfo?(julie.olson)
Whiteboard: [ca-verifying] BW 2020-08-11 → [ca-verifying] BW 2020-08-13 - See Comment 4 for Needed Info

Hi Ben,

The hierarchies for these two sites are available on CCADB, please let me know if something else is needed for your review.


Flags: needinfo?(julie.olson)

This inclusion request has now been moved to the CP/CPS verification stage.

Whiteboard: [ca-verifying] BW 2020-08-13 - See Comment 4 for Needed Info → [ca-cps-review] - BW 2020-08-27 In review
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