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Optimize StringCharCodeAt in CacheIR


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I needed some simple CacheIR stub for testing the transpilation of Call stubs. Sadly all the existing "special cased natives" are kind of complicated. This should also be useful for octane-mandreel perf when we get there.

I also added some cleanup.

Depends on D75194

Blocks: 1637755
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Priority: -- → P1
Attachment #9148157 - Attachment description: Bug 1637748 - [Draft] Optimize StringCharCodeAt in CacheIR. → Bug 1637748 - Optimize StringChar(Code)At in CacheIR. r?iain

Technically this is not needed yet, because we only use this function in cases when pc == JSOp::Call(IgnoreRv),
but I think this a nicer abstraction for the future.

Attachment #9149448 - Attachment description: Bug 1637748 - Introduce maybeArgCountGuard. r?iain → Bug 1637748 - Dont guard on the argc, which is always constant per PC. r?iain
Pushed by
Use the  InlinableNative enum instead of JSNative pointers. r=iain
Add emitNativeCalleeGuard helper. r=iain
Optimize StringChar(Code)At in CacheIR. r=iain
Dont guard on the argc, which is always constant per PC. r=iain
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