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Convert 'mach devtools-css-db' to run with Python 3


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mach devtools-css-db still runs with python 2 [1]. We want to convert all mach commands to python 3.

To do this, any dependencies of the command may need to be converted as well as the command itself.


Hi, is there a status update on this work?

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Greg, I am seeing that you introduced this command in bug 1290988. Do you know what we need to change to make the command python 3 compatible?

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I see two options here:

  1. Convert to python 3
  2. Remove this feature

For 1, I think following the steps from the meta bug would be adequate. I think it would be changing this over to python 3, and chasing down the errors and dependencies.

For 2, I have a suspicion that this is no longer needed. This feature was added when we were trying to separate the client and servers better. I'm not sure how much this is still a goal. I think this is only used in rare edge cases. I know I felt that it wasn't a great solution, but it helped get the project done, which was fairly complicated. I also believe some of the DevTools features that were relying on this are now gone, which makes fully removing it simpler.

The key here is to try and remove getClientCssProperties.

I think it would be worth pursuing option 2, as I know the CSS and DOM teams would appreciate not having to mess with this any more.

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Sounds like we're not ready to remove this yet. I went ahead and added python3 support to this command (patch incoming), as it was pretty trivial.

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It's not 100% clear how long this command will live, but it doesn't look
immediately removable, and it was easy to add python3 support.

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run 'mach devtools-css-db' under python 3. r=releng-reviewers,aki DONTBUILD
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