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copy/paste error in disabled button UA rules


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firefox78 --- fixed


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Flags: needinfo?(emilio)

This will allow us to clean them up.

Assignee: nobody → emilio

I also removed some unneeded specific selectors for ::placeholder /
::-moz-text-control-editing-root / etc. We only query them for textarea
/ input elements, so it is more of a pesimization than an optimization.

Depends on D76262

Flags: needinfo?(emilio)

There's some lists code that I could technically clean up a bit more, but I
erred in the side of making the selectors as fast as possible with our current

For example, this selector list:

:is(ul, ol, dir, menu, dl) ul,
:is(ul, ol, dir, menu, dl) ol,
:is(ul, ol, dir, menu, dl) dir,
:is(ul, ol, dir, menu, dl) menu,
:is(ul, ol, dir, menu, dl) dl

Could be reduced to:

:is(ul, ol, dir, menu, dl) :is(ul, ol, dir, menu, dl)

But that means that for dl elements we'll selector-match all the selectors
inside the :is() instead of just dl. Maybe it doesn't matter compared with
the work of going up all the parent chain, but I erred in the side of caution
for most of these.

Depends on D76264

This one I went all-in with :is(). Because even if we have to do some more
selector-matching for each element, we need to check the more expensive
selectors and the combinators less often, so I don't think we end up worse than
before, and the difference is massive.

Depends on D76265

Depends on: 1639852
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Enable :is() and :where() in UA sheets. r=jwatt
Clean-up forms.css by using :is(). r=jwatt
Cleanup ua.css by using :is(). r=jwatt
Cleanup html.css using :is(). r=jwatt
Clean up quirks.css using :is(). r=jwatt
Regressions: 1643279
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