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Debugger should show TypeScript icon for .TSX files


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(firefox81 fixed)

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firefox81 --- fixed


(Reporter: Harald, Assigned: varundey20, Mentored)


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AR: Generic icon
ER: TypeScript or React icon

Hey Harald,
can I work on this one? I fixed a similar bug for vue files, so I guess it will be similar (though I worked on it two years ago, so I have to setup everything first).

Thank you, Dennis, it's all yours. Please reach out in our Debugger channels or here if you need any help.

Assignee: nobody → dczomb

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:jlast, could you have a look please?

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Hey Herald. This seems inactive. Can I take this up?

(Taking you off Dennis, but thank you for offering to help)

Varun, it's yours – thank you! David can help with guidance if needed.

Assignee: dczomb → varundey20
Mentor: dwalsh
Type: defect → enhancement
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Hi David, can you help me where to get started with this? Tried reaching out to you on element as well.

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Hello Varun! I recommend looking in the following file:

This component dictates source icons, so I recommend exploring the information provided by the source to see how we can determine typescript :)

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I noticed a weird thing here. On clicking the .tsx file, it shows a React icon. Though I have raised a PR for the original issue, this seems to be a separate bug since same thing happens even after we show TS icon for .tsx file type

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Show TypeScript icon for .tsx extension. r=davidwalsh
Closed: 3 years ago
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