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Update disabled-pause button to clearer style


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Firefox 80
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When pausing is disabled, the UI state should clearly communicate it to users.

The final spec is in this comment:

Hi, Harald. I was following this issue on Github, and I wanted to tell you that I'd like to claim this one :)

I actually had a question for you: by final spec, do you also mean that you want the contributor to use one of Victoria's design? They look great, but I wasn't sure if you wanted the contributor to come up with his/her own.

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Hi DH Kim, thank yiu, you are assigned.

The goal would be to use the final decision from the UX issue. If you have ideas though, feel free to share them in the UX issue or prototype them out in patches if that is easier.

Assignee: nobody → icncsx
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Todo for me - clean up vector and add to this bug.

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Hi! Sorry all for the delay.

I'm attaching two SVGs here. Let me know if there are any issues.

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Thank you, Victoria. And Harald, I'll make a patch w/ Victoria's design reflected therein.

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Depends on D81790

Attached file Bug 1643130 - Add relevant svg asset (obsolete) —

Depends on D81814

In retrospect I should have rolled everything under one commit message, so my apologies!

PS: I wasn't sure what the scope of the linked issue entailed. The three differentials together simply replace the current disable SVG asset with the new ones that Victoria designed. Nothing more!

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