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[wpt-sync] Sync PR 24065 - WebXR - anchors - fix anchor creation from hit test


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Sync web-platform-tests PR 24065 into mozilla-central (this bug is closed when the sync is complete).

Details from upstream follow.

Piotr Bialecki <> wrote:

WebXR - anchors - fix anchor creation from hit test

Anchor creation based off of hit test result was incorrectly using
unstable native origin (planes' origins may change diametrically from
frame to frame) - this CL fixes the issue. Additionally, hit test logic
did not correctly treat hit test results as computed based off of plane
intersection - the issue did not cause any problems with hit test API,
but is problematic for anchor creation API.


  • plane-attached anchor creation now accepts native origin information
    and pose relative to passed in native origin - this is done to ensure
    that anchor creation uses a frame of reference that is stable w.r.t.
    the environment (plane pose is not a correct choice as it changes when
    plane extents are changing)
  • fixed an issue in ArCoreImpl::RequestHitTest() - it would not report
    results as computed based off of a plane even if they were
  • mojom's hit test result now uses pose instead of matrix - pose is
    directly provided by ARCore SDK and has smaller cognitive load as it
    does not require considering column-major vs. row-major memory layouts
  • IDL - anchor creation based on hit test result and on plane no longer
    accepts initial pose since the spec draft has changed - initial pose
    was considered confusing and unnecessary since it did not extend the
    capabilities of the API

All other changes (parameter renames, comment updates, fixing call
sites to account for parameter count changes, etc.) are related to
the above major changes.

Change-Id: I5acb872c5a9d9003f1f85173edd82e6e6fa002bb
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[wpt PR 24065] - WebXR - anchors - fix anchor creation from hit test, a=testonly
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