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Add-on download speed shows negative


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Steps to reproduce:

While downloading the add-ons my internet is disconnected.

Actual results:

It shows estimated time zero and download speed negative.

Expected results:

It should show download speed as 0 kbps

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Component: Untriaged → Add-ons Manager
Product: Firefox → Toolkit


Thank you for submitting this bug report. Unfortunately after testing on Windows 10 x 64 bit and MacOS 10.14 with Nightly 79.0a1 (20200615214838), Beta 78.0b7 (20200612174529) and Release 77.0.1 (20200602222727), I was not able to reproduce the issue that you described.

When trying to reproduce the problem, I tried with my normal internet speed (around 121.9 Mbps), which didn't allow me to disconnect the internet on time when downloading the extension from I then tried to throttle my bandwidth by changing the "No Throttling" to "GPRS" from the "Network" console and to download multiple 1 GB files from This allowed me to have a speed of around 31.0 Mbps and to disconnect the internet in time, but the extension download progress bar was not displaying any negative values, but switching to a "Verifying" state.

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