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Fix GetInProcessParentDocshell usage in nsDocShell::HasUnloadedParent


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Should be possible to recursively check if our parent WindowContext is the current on in it's BrowsingContext up the tree, only checking the docshell if it's present.

Assignee: nobody → smacleod
Fission Milestone: --- → M6b

(In reply to Nika Layzell [:nika] (ni? for response) from comment #1)

... only checking the docshell if it's present.

If I understand correctly, this means we'd only be checking same origin docshells up the tree. So if we had the situation <- <-, e.g.:

<!-- -->
<iframe src=""></iframe>

<!-- -->
<iframe src=""></iframe>

If nsDocShell::HasUnloadedParent is called on the docshell, we'd end up not checking if the docshell for is unloaded. Is this okay because if it was unloaded's parent WindowContext ( wouldn't be the current WindowContext of the BrowsingContext, so that's how we're checking it? or is there some other reason we can skip the check for OOP docshells in the tree?

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Reading my last comment back it's a little less understandable than I was hoping. Basically I'm trying verify my understanding that checking if the parent WindowContext is the current WindowContext of its BrowsingContext is a sufficient proxy for checking if the OOP docshell is unloaded.

Yeah, that's pretty much right. If it was unloaded, the parent WindowContext wouldn't be current anymore (and/or any of our ancestors would be discarded). This doesn't handle the case where the cross-process frame is currently running unload event handlers, but that is only relevant for in-process frames, as running unload is synchronous(*)

*: JS can spin a nested event loop, but it's still conceptually synchronous.

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With fission enabled, walking the docshell tree to find unloaded
parents would stop at the first OOP parent. Instead we now walk
the BrowsingContext/WindowContext tree. To still check parents
which are OOP, we take advantage of the fact that a parent
WindowContext will no longer be the current WindowContext if
the parent was unloaded. For in process docshell's we additionally
check the docshell directly.

Pushed by
fix nsDocShell::HasUnloadedParent to work for OOP frames. r=nika

(In reply to Atila Butkovits from comment #7)

The push caused mass failures.

Woops, sorry about that!

Will land the fixed up patch after a try run.

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fix nsDocShell::HasUnloadedParent to work for OOP frames. r=nika
Closed: 3 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → 81 Branch
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