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Resources aren't unwatched on target destruction


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Firefox 79
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In browsingContext's destroy function ( devtools/server/actors/targets/browsing-context.js#600,604-606 ), we're calling unwatchTargetResources, using this._resourceWatchers.keys() to get the resources to be unwatched.
The issue is that we never populate this._resourceWatchers (, so we pass an empty array, and as a result we don't call the destroy method of the watcher, which might lead to a leak.

This removes the unpopulated _resourceWatchers attributes from
the browsing context, and instead uses a new function on the
Resource module (unwatchAllTargetResources)

getActor (which is called by DevToolsServer.searchAllConnectionsForActor) wasn't
returning self-managed actors.
In this patch we're adding a new findInPools method to DevToolsServerConnection
which allows to loop through the pools. We then use it to search for self-managed
actors in getActor.

Depends on D79983

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Unwatch resources on target destruction. r=ochameau.
Blocks: 1648458

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Bug 1648022 - Search for self-managed pools in DevToolsServerConnection.getActor. r=ochameau.

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Bug 1648022 - Add a test to assert resource watcher destruction when associated target actor is destroyed. r=ochameau.

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