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Intermittent Assertion failure: mChannelChild (no channel child in RecvOnStatus), at /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/netwerk/protocol/http/HttpBackgroundChannelChild.cpp:160


(Core :: Networking, defect, P2)




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(Reporter: intermittent-bug-filer, Assigned: CuveeHsu)




(Keywords: assertion, intermittent-failure)


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[task 2020-06-24T10:11:01.102Z] 10:11:01 INFO - TEST-OK | layout/style/test/test_viewport_units.html | took 956ms
[task 2020-06-24T10:11:01.210Z] 10:11:01 INFO - TEST-START | layout/style/test/test_visited_image_loading.html
[task 2020-06-24T10:11:02.074Z] 10:11:02 INFO - GECKO(1251) | Assertion failure: mChannelChild (no channel child in RecvOnStatus), at /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/netwerk/protocol/http/HttpBackgroundChannelChild.cpp:160
[task 2020-06-24T10:11:02.097Z] 10:11:02 INFO - Initializing stack-fixing for the first stack frame, this may take a while...
[task 2020-06-24T10:11:15.210Z] 10:11:15 INFO - GECKO(1251) | #01: mozilla::net::PHttpBackgroundChannelChild::OnMessageReceived(IPC::Message const&) [s3:gecko-generated-sources:3953984822d3c73ca95ea4653e9babb21069d4330c03bda8b5df4908eb71df338eee6c6cc7030881508cb9b30c90e91dee35cb9ee5a3be6f8ac76c3a1eabc20a/ipc/ipdl/PHttpBackgroundChannelChild.cpp::353]
[task 2020-06-24T10:11:15.212Z] 10:11:15 INFO - GECKO(1251) | #02: mozilla::ipc::PBackgroundChild::OnMessageReceived(IPC::Message const&) [s3:gecko-generated-sources:41612fc6af9262efb2d2d677bd6da4a915910879d9ca4103b71804c259fe061b62ce78f8538e58a75ca5626d60856b2d96713376271ce1f7e345feaa016bba14/ipc/ipdl/PBackgroundChild.cpp::6080]
[task 2020-06-24T10:11:15.212Z] 10:11:15 INFO - GECKO(1251) | #03: mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::DispatchAsyncMessage(mozilla::ipc::ActorLifecycleProxy*, IPC::Message const&) [ipc/glue/MessageChannel.cpp:2170]

Component: CSS Parsing and Computation → Networking
Assignee: nobody → juhsu
Priority: P5 → P2
Regressions: 1633935
Regressed by: 1633935
No longer regressions: 1633935

most of the checks are not assertion in HttpChannelChild.
It could be possible that the ActorDestoryed is triggered during the HttpChannelChild serves data.

I would remove those assertions after taking more close look.

Pushed by
remove the false alarm assertion given mChild could be destroied by ActorDestory, r=mayhemer,necko-reviewers
Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla80

The patch landed in nightly and beta is affected.
:junior, is this bug important enough to require an uplift?
If not please set status_beta to wontfix.

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The regressor is bug 1633935, which was backout-ed in 79

Flags: needinfo?(juhsu)
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